Ablass, known for his profound influence in the psytrance scene, and Gobi-No-Houkou, a talented Japanese producer and programmer, have joined forces to create a unique musical collaboration. Ablass, whose musical journey began with a deep appreciation for dark melodies and intricate rhythms, brings his expertise in guitar playing to the partnership. His exploration of sound spans decades, evolving from early experimentation with samplers and sequencers to mastering the complexities of psytrance composition.

Gobi-No-Houkou, at 31 years old, has been immersed in programming psytrance since the age of 20. Hailing from Japan, he contributes a wealth of technical skill and electronic expertise to their joint endeavors. His proficiency lies in programming synthesizers and crafting rhythmic patterns that enhance the sonic landscape of their music.

Together, Ablass and Gobi-No-Houkou blend their distinct musical backgrounds to create a fusion of guitar-driven melodies and intricately programmed rhythms. Their collaboration is a testament to their shared passion for pushing the boundaries of psytrance music and exploring new sonic territories.

As they continue to refine their sound and explore new musical horizons, Ablass and Gobi-No-Houkou promise to deliver innovative and captivating music that resonates with fans of psytrance worldwide.

Nec pietas ullast uelatum saepe uideri
uertier ad lapidem, atque omnis accedere ad aras,
nec procumbere humi prostratum et pandere palmas
ante deum delubra, nec aras sanguine multo
spargere quadrupedum, nec uotis nectere uota,
sed mage pacata posse omnia mente tueri.