PSYTRANCE Music French Label founded in 2016

GOAPSYRECORDS label was created in 2016

by a collective of Artists passionate about psytrance music since 1995s

Several artists coming from all over the world integrate the Label

Our editorial line allows us to present various Psytrance Music from the old school sound to the most contemporary

With always in the state of mind, the invitation to the Spiritual Journey by listening and moving body in space

Alkaloids in plants, especially hallucinogenic compounds such as psilocybin, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and harmaline, may be the chemical factors in the diet of protohumans that catalyzed the emergence of self-reflection in humans
The action of hallucinogens in several common plants has improved our information processing activities, or environmental sensitivity, and thus contributed to the expansion of human brain size
At a later stage in this same process, hallucinogens acted as a catalyzer in the development of the imagination, energizing the creation of internal ploys and hopes that may well have synergized the emergence of language and religion


Terence McKenna

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