Arriving in 1953, passionate about quantum physics and mathematics, he observes, is inspired by the ambient sounds he reproduces in his spectral piece with electronic machine and returns psychedelic sound waves to the planet of origin.

Codexa is a dynamic artist in the psytrance music scene, known for his groovy melodies and innovative rhythms. His journey into the world of psytrance began in the 2010s, during which he immersed himself in rave parties and discovered the electrifying sounds of artists such as Astrix, DJ Tristan, Space Cat, Avalon, Jeff Mills, George Clinton, and Daft Punk.

Inspired by a diverse range of music and sounds, Codexa has developed a unique style that blends groovy melodies with funkadelic rhythms and hard techno beats. His musical exploration led him to create his first tracks around 2010, marking the beginning of his career in music production.

Codexa’s creative output includes one album and one EP, showcasing his talent and versatility as a producer. In 2017, he joined the label GoaPsyRecords, founded by his collaborator Ablass and their friends Middle Roader and Mental Abstraction. This collaboration has allowed Codexa to expand his artistic reach and share his music with a broader audience.

As of now, Codexa is preparing for the release of his new album, set to come out in 2025. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of psytrance and his passion for creating innovative soundscapes continue to captivate and inspire listeners worldwide.