Tera Amata is a dynamic musical duo from Nice, France, renowned for their unique blend of tribal and electronic music. The group, formed by two passionate musicians, began their journey into music production with a drum machine, a synthesizer, and a TB303. Their early experimentation quickly evolved into a distinctive sound that combines electronic elements with live recordings of traditional instruments such as percussion, guitar, and sitar.

Their discovery of psytrance came through their extensive travels around the globe, where they sought inspiration from the music, sounds, and cultures of various inhabitants of our planet. This wanderlust and openness to diverse influences are at the heart of their creative process. Tera Amata’s music embodies a spirit of sharing and love, weaving shamanic soundscapes that captivate and transport listeners.

The duo joined GoaPsyRecords in 2016, just before the label’s official launch. They are currently working on an album, continuing their journey of creating mesmerizing music that spreads peace and positivity. Tera Amata’s shamanic and tribal-infused psytrance is a testament to their immense hearts and peaceful nature, enchanting audiences with every beat.

Producers since 2012 they sign their first track on GOAPSYRECORDS in 2017